Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

a brief update

Hello friends and family,

Here are some early pics Clay took of the J-pack.  Wyatt Clayton came in first “Baby A” at 4 lbs 6 oz 16 1/2 inches. He’s the rockstar of the group so far, first to graduate to breathing room air. Ava Louise was 2nd at 3lbs 10 oz 16 1/2 inches and is just trailing her brother in progress. We found out she has a cleft palate. Both are at St. Luke’s making strides everyday. Lydia Grace was last (by a whole 90 seconds) and was 3 lbs 7 oz and 16 inches. She was sent to Children’s Mercy on her first day due to a few more bumps in the road and trouble getting her breathing tube in. On the plus side, her heart condition is not as bad as we were first told and she might be able to wait on the first surgery for a few months. However, she does have a hole between her esophagus and trachea which will probably need to be repaired this admission as well as a cleft palate that will be repaired around age 1. She had her first surgery on her first day of life due to a perforation in her stomach from all the air they used to resuscitate her. She is slowly but surely recovering and making her own gains, just at a slower pace than her siblings.


Wyatt continues to be head of the class (we new he’d be advanced!) He’s doing well breathing on his own without any extra oxygen, tolerating his small amount of feedings of breast milk via a nasogastric tube and is off his bilirubin lights. Ava remains on a small amount of oxygen and is making all the strides her brother is. Their room will no longer look like techno party with blue lights. We visit daily for their one on one mom and dad snuggle time. Kangaroo Care has been good for everyone.

Lydia graduated from the oscillator ventilator to a regular ventilator and appears more comfortable after her surgery. She wiggles her fingers and toes and briefly opens her eyes when we visit. We can’t wait to hear her first squeaks and have some snuggle time.

Clay gets husband of the week award. We’ll see about the whole year 😉 Best breakfast ever of homemade waffles, sausage and real tea and juice. Laundry is going, house is maintained, all is well.

The cats are very excited to have life returned to normal again. They don’t know what’s coming in the months ahead. Harris takes every opportunity to sit on my head, lap or any part he can lie on and his motor has been going nonstop.

I’m slowly recovering a bit more each day. Less Percocet and I’m starting to walk less like the pope and more like myself. The bed never felt so good and I had the best night of sleep I’ve had in months!



  1. Melanie

    Clay and Amanda – you two are absolutely amazing! I am in awe of the journey you have taken so far and all that lies ahead. You have the most beautiful babies!!!!! The pictures were so touching!! The J-pack is on my mind constantly and I know God is being flooded by prayers, not just from myself, but the tons of people that love and care for you all!! Thank you for taking the time to blog and Facebook! I love the updates and the humor!

  2. Mandy

    So glad to see the updates and know that the babes are making strides day by day. Continue to take care of eachother Clay & Amanda!! xoxo

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