Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

a quiet end to a stressful Monday

We are happy to report Lydia’s surgery went well this morning. She had her TE fistula repaired by Dr. Sharp and they noticed immediate improvement with her ventilation as soon as it was repaired. She’ll hopefully be extubated by the end of the week and get her first snuggles in with us. She looked pretty rough afterward with a few extra lines and a drain but they’re keeping her nice and sedated so these days should all be a blur (for her but not us!) Unfortunately, she was unable to have her esophagus attached to her stomach since the gap was too large at this time. They prefer to wait for her to pretty much double her weight before repair which will allow the atresia to grow as well. We were hoping it could all be done in one surgery, but we want to avoid any complications so we’ll try to patiently wait on her to grow. Here’s an example of the type of fistula she has.  Fortunately, it is the most common type and the one the surgeon has done the most repairs on.



  1. Grandma Brenda

    I am so happy that everything went well. I have said many prayers for her as well. Love the updates and so do my friends. They are all so precious! Love Grandma B

  2. David

    My second son (my first son is 8 years old now) was diagnosed the exact same problem as the one shown here this morning (Nov 18 2011) and the surgery probably will be scheduled no later than next Tuesday. What I want to know are as follows:

    1) what complications have happened so far to your baby which are associated with surgical repair? how bad are they? how to prevent them happening?
    2)recurrence of fistula so far?
    3)how to prevent gastric acid corrosion after surgery? any difficulties in feeding or chest problems? how do you tell if the baby have the feeding problem resulting from the surgery?

    Any positive response and contribution are very appreciated. Further confidential response can be sent to my email. Private discuss on the phone (provided on further email contact) is 1000 times appreciated.

    BTW. I live in Canada.


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