Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Happy 1 month!

Our little birds are one month today. Wyatt and Ava are doing great at St. Luke’s and will hopefully be home before Christmas. They are both just working on advancing their diets to taking everything by mouth and getting rid of their NG tubes. They have very few low heart rate rate alarms anymore and are doing great. Wyatt is such a laid back and calm little guy only occasionally voicing displeasure when the wipes are too cold or mom waits too long before feeding him and he very quickly calms back dow. Miss Ava is generally very agreeable as well but tends to be more vocal and has more little grunts and squeaks to let us know her opinions. They both have a lot more awake time now and are pretty fun to play with. St. Luke’s has just opened the NICU back up to other visitors so the grandparents and other family members will finally get to meet them in person. It’s been a long month of waiting for the anxious relatives who’ve only gotten to meet Lydia.

Lydia is still recovering slowly from her surgery. She ended up with pneumonia¬† and pretty significant edema after surgery. Today she got weaned from the oscillator ventilator to a regular ventilator and they have been able to turn down the setting since her blood gases have all looked good. Hopefully we stay on course to getting rid of the breathing tube soon as well as starting some real milk in her tummy instead of only IV nutrition. It’s been a long month for her and us.


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  1. Eve (Evans) Nissen

    I’m so glad that progress is being made…ever so slowly, but surely! It’s nice of you to share your experience with others. Once again, if you all ever need anything, let me know!
    Craig’s and Chris’s classmate:)

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