Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Welcome home Wyatt!

Tuesday night we welcomed home our best little Christmas present ever by finally bringing home Wyatt. It was a good thing he didn’t come home last Friday as planned since he ended up being anemic which is pretty common in preemies and having the start of an illness. Our little vampire baby perked right up after a blood transfusion on Saturday as well as some IV antibiotics and was a new feisty little guy by Sunday attacking all food sources like Genghis Khan. He’s been doing great at home and this one baby parenting is just almost doable. We’re all adjusting to the new addition pretty well except for the cats who appear to be anxiously waiting for him to leave.

Ava is getting closer to coming home and we thought she just might be able to come home Christmas day but then after a day and a half of taking all her bottles like a big girl, she decided she was tired again and would rather still get some meals in her NG tube. Perhaps next week she’ll be ready. She fortunately hasn’t had a desaturation or reflux spells this week with feeding.

Our diva Lydia is having a much better week. All her edema and swelling has gone down and she looks like our baby again and not like a little sugar sack with limbs. She was transitioned to the regular vent from the oscillator on Wednesday night and is tolerating it well.


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