Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Cold winter updates

I’m sure most people are getting a bit stir crazy being cooped up inside during this long, cold snowy winter, but I must admit I’m really enjoying staying at home more and at least not going to St. Luke’s everyday. This sleeping in on snowy winter days and staying in my robe until nearly noon with some hot tea is alright. While adding Ava has added some more volume to the household, she fits right in with brother and they’re been coordinating their meal and nap times most of the time. Right now Clay is doing the early 2AM ish feeding and I’ve been doing the later 5AM ish meal. Now if I can just convince Ava meals can be spaced a little longer than 3 hrs apart! She has taught us that loud and demanding does get you fed first! They both look like little sausages in any preemie outfit I try to stuff them in and they’re no longer our little preemie babies. Wyatt is a hearty 7lbs 12oz and Ava 7lbs even. Hard to believe they were actually due Jan 7 and weren’t supposed to be here all along!

The big excitement for Lydia last week was she finally got extubated on Thursday and has been doing well on just a nasal cannula. They had planed to do it during the day but she decided to go ahead and pull her tube out herself in the middle of the night. We finally got to hear her little voice and can now pick her up ourselves and hold her a little closer. She sounds just like Ava only Ava’s volume is a 10 and Lydia’s a much softer 1. It’s funny how they already show many similar mannerisms with facial expression and hand gestures. She has had a lot of secretions and needs frequent suctioning but her lungs are doing much better and she so far is still doing well breathing on her own. She is still on the small side (under 6lbs) and remains jaundiced. Her liver enzymes are improving and she is tolerating feeds in her GJ tube. Today they decided to go ahead and start her back on some IV nutrition in addition to her formula to boost her calories. She still has a long road ahead of her and we’ re not sure when her surgery will be scheduled. At this time, we’re thinking maybe into March. She’s getting great care at Children’s and seems to be getting plenty of attention from all the nurses. Everytime we go, in between swing time, she’s well stocked with her Ipod playing, a mobile to look at and one of her snuggie animals to hold.


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