Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Weekend woes

For once, we’re actually glad to put a weekend behind us and see the arrival of a Monday. We had our first unplanned road trip to Trenton and Chillicothe for Gram B’s funeral. We were hoping to be able to bring all three babies up this spring to see her in the nursing home, but alas, life does not always go as one hopes. We were blessed to have an additional unexpected 12 years with Grandma that the doctors said she would never have. While she didn’t get to see them in person, I’m thankful for the internet and all the nursing home staff who kept her updated on all the triplets news and pictures. We’ll miss you Grandma! I’m sure the Shanghai card table is a hopping up there.

Our other eventful weekend woe came from Miss Lydia who apparently wasn’t happy to be left in KC by herself. We weren’t able to see her Friday due to packing and going to Trenton and the nurse said she was doing okay but breathing a bit faster. That night I got my first call at midnight saying they were starting IV antibiotics. Call #2 came at 2:30 AM to report they had to reintubate her to hep her breathe. By morning, she was back on the oscillator, under the warmer again, IV’s going and fighting off a septic blood infection that they believe started from pulling the PICC line she had since birth. Nothing like middle of the night phone calls from Children’s Mercy to cancel any sleep plans. Clay was able to go down and see her after the funeral Saturday and while still looking pretty puny, the nurse said she had improved since the morning. She continues to improve each day with the IV antibiotics and hopefully she’ll be able to be off the ventilator again by the end of the week. We thought we were finally in the clear with just waiting for her esophagus repair surgery and letting her grow, but if there is a bump in the road, she’ll find it every time.


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