Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Lydia’s surgery #3

Friday January 22 was Lydia’s 3rd surgery in her short 10 weeks of life. What started out as an exploratory procedure ended up becoming a needed operation. She was supposed to go in for an esophagram to measure the distance between her upper esophagus and stomach when the surgeon came out and stated they may have perfed her bowel when trying to replace her feeding tube. As it turns out, she had an older bowel perforation likely 1-2 weeks old from when they originally put in her GJ tube and had developed a chronic infection. This was the cause of her sepsis last weekend rather than the PICC line like they had originally thought. On the plus side, it was actually a good thing she went to surgery and had it cleaned out and repaired, otherwise she probably would’ve been a pretty sick little girl again and needed an emergent surgery. On the bummer side, the surgeon wants her to grow another few kilos (~5-8 pounds) to narrow the gap before attempting the repair. This unfortunately means more waiting for Miss Lydia to grow (she’s now at 6lbs) and she’ll stay in the NICU until this happens. From a cardiac standpoint, she is still remarkably stable and not showing any problems. We’re once again waiting for her to recover from surgery which seems to take her awhile as she battles pain issues, edema and keeping her comfortably ventilated. She’s back on the oscillator and switched over to a morphine drip for pain.

Wyatt and Ava are doing well at home and seem to have resolved most of their issues of prematurity. The had their eyes examined last week which was not pleasant for mom to watch but fortunately no longer retinopathy of prematurity. It was rather reminiscent of The Clockwork Orange as the doctor put this horrible metal device to pry their little eyes open for the exam. Fortunately they won’t need that exam again and will just get a routine check in 6-9 months.  They’ve both doubled their weights (W 8#12 and A 7#12) and no longer fit into any preemie outfit I try to stuff them in.

just a few pics as I’m still camera happy 🙂


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