Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Is winter over yet?

Another snowy winter day and I think we’re all ready for spring to start anytime! I started back to work 2 weeks ago and have a great schedule of working Wed-Fri. We have a nanny coming on Wed and Grandma Pam on Thurs and Fri. So far, everyone seems sane and it’s working out pretty well. It was a little hard to go back after being off since the beginning of October, but since Lydia is already at Children’s, it’s nice to get to see her more often. I can now pop in on her in the AM, lunch and then we hang out a bit at the end of the day once I’m done. She continues to do well and we’re now counting down until her big surgery for the esophagus/fistula repair. As of now, it should be the first week of March. I know it’s her ticket out of the hospital and has to be done but I sure hate for her to go back to the OR and have to recover from another surgery. She’s been able to remain on a nasal cannula only since the beginning of Feb and her breathing is much improved. Our little Snooki does still have a golden tan, but her liver enzymes are all coming down and she looks less like she’s been spray tanning with Cheeto dust. She’s tolerating breast milk for the first time in her Mickey button and after all the worry of getting her the expensive, non-FDA approved “IV Fish Oil” she’s been able to be completely off all IV nutrition and even got rid of her PICC line last week. Her  GT button does have a pesky leak at times which seems to be worse on some days. She’s still the smallest, but finally broke the 7lb mark this month and has outgrown some of her preemie clothes!

Wyatt and Ava continue to keep things entertaining at home. They have days where we just can’t seem to fill them up and are constantly refilling one or the other’s bottle. Good thing for some Neosure samples because the Johnston Dairy Farm just can’t quite keep up production! We’re starting to get smiles from everyone now and even the occasional chuckle from Wyatt. Finally a little payback from all their demands! We even had the luxury of  7 hrs of uninterrupted sleep on one night, but they generally still need at least one night’s feeding.

Here’s a few recent pics. I never knew how hard it would be to get a good baby picture. They’re just not ino modeling.


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