Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Lydia’s surgery Day

Lydia surgery is officially underway and we are anxiously waiting it out  in the Ronald McDonald Room. This room is becoming all too familiar and not our favorite place to hangout.  I’m not sure all the morning coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper is helping with my nerves. The goal of today is to be able to connect her esophagus together and permanently ligate the fistula between the lower part of her esophagus and her trachea. This is plan #1 and the best possible outcome. Plan #2 if the gap is too large and can’t be connected is to put a prosthetic eyeball in her pouch and rig some traction device to stretch her pouch over the next week and then attempt connection. Plan #3 involves bringing the upper pouch out her neck into a spit fistula and then a big gastric pull-up surgery to make an esophagus in a year or so. While telling her she swallowed an eyeball would make for a great story, we’re crossing our fingers and toes and praying in overtime we stick with Plan #1 and all goes well. This is a big surgery for a little girl but she continues to prove her toughness every day. She’s got a marine fighting spirit in that little not quite 8 lb body of hers.


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  1. Grandma Pam


    I’m praying for Lydia and for Plan #1. She’s a strong little thing, and I know she’ll improve, regardless of the procedure. We’ll see you this evening.

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