Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


12:00 and surgery completed and more complicated than we hoped. Unfortunately plan #3 was the only option as her complex heart defects made for a difficult surgery that she was not tolerating well. They were unable to get everything connected and she now has the upper pouch of her esophagus coming out from her neck into a spit fistula where her secretions will drain and the TE fistula has been permanently disconnected.  She’ll have a rough recovery road ahead of her and yet another surgery to add to her list when in a year or so they can bring her stomach up to create an esophagus. It’s a similar procedure for esophageal cancer patients. She’ll be feeding by her stomach tube and will have to wait even longer before being able to orally eat. On the plus side (which I’m really having to dig for right now as this wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for), she can have all the ice-cream she wants since it won’t travel to her hips.



  1. Kristy Wendt

    My thoughts are with you and yours. Much love, Kristy

  2. Noel

    I’m so proud of your little girl today. She’s proven she’s a fighter! You and Clay have been so strong. You are both such wonderful parents! Praying for a steady recovery for miss Lydia! I just LOVE taking care of her every day(even when she kicks my butt a little!) See you tomorrow :o)

  3. Wanda Moore

    Thanks for all the updates and all the information to help us understand what is going on with Lydia. We are praying for her recovery to be short, and that she gets to be home where she belongs with all the lovin’ and huggin’ that she needs.

  4. Christy Ellmaker

    YOu are all in my prayers daily. I could not imagine the things you have to go through everyday. Sounds like you have a tough little girl on your hands. Hang in there.

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