Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Lydia’s Boston Adventure, Day 1

Well we’ve had quite the day! After an emotional good-bye to our favorite nurses at Children’s, Lydia took an ambulance ride to Municipal Airport to board her very own Lear jet. We were both able to ride with her and had a very quick 2 hr flight to Boston. Wish all my travels were this easy! We were welcomed into Children’s at Boston’s NICU and greeted by her nurses, attending and her surgeon Dr. Jennings who introduced himself as Rusty. Lydia looked around with her nose crinkled at everyone before finally flashing them some grins. She did great on the plane and I was able to hold her most of the flight. We’re really going to miss everyone in KC, but I’m confident she’s in good hands here.

Sounds like Wyatt and Ava are well taken care of in Trenton by grandmas, great-grandmas, honorary grandmas and Aunt Jenna and are so far the hit of most social gatherings. I definitely miss them, but Lydia finally gets some one on one time for a few days. Tomorrow she gets an Echo and a scan to tell the blood flow to her lungs so may be sedated part of the day. More updates when we know more. Here’s the pic of our Lear Jet , Lydia’s first sitting in a car seat, downtown KC, holding onto Sugar Bear during the flight, her ambulance ride and finally settled down in her new crib.


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  1. Robin

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda! We’ve been following Lydia’s journey and pray that you have good results in Boston! We’re looking forward to more updates! 🙂

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