Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Lydia Day #2

Not too much news to report. Lydia had a good day, smiling and playful this morning and this afternoon she got to have a live harpist in the NICU providing some nice serenades before her nap. Nothing like some harp music, a head massage by mom and a new fun fish mobile to help one relax and get the spa treatment! She had a few tests today – and echo and gapogram to tell the distance between the esophagus which now since the last surgery is 6cm – a longer distance than we previously had. She’s getting the full over haul while here as they want to confirm with cardiology and everyone involved that she’s good to go for surgery next week.

We’re also getting out and sneaking a little free time in between some naps. Tonight we got to meet up with Uncle Rick who happened to be in town as well and have a little dinner and walk around Fenway Park. Until the Royals and Red Socks play, we’ll all be honorary Boston fans! I’m pretty sure “Yankee” is a bad word around these parts and might get just us kicked out of town.

Got to Skype Wyatt and Ava tonight and looks like they’re receiving the royal treatment as well with plenty of attention. We’re really missing them and the nice KC weather as tomorrow is cool and rainy.

Thanks for all the prayers and support on this crazy journey. Lydia is going to have some good stories some day!


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