Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

back to KC

I leave bright and early in the AM back to KC. Lydia is doing as well as can be expected and while I hate to leave her, it is really hard not having any babies to hold or take care of! I wanted to offer to stroll stranger’s babies in the Boston Commons while on my afternoon stroll, but figured that might seem strange.

When the resident, Alex,  came by to see Lydia he said they were really happy with how well esophagus looked yesterday and that they were really close to being able to connect her. I am a bit disappointed they couldn’t do the connection yesterday as I’m so ready for her to be done with this, but they want a good connection without having any stretching to minimize the risks of leaking or strictures. It looks like the next surgery will be the week after Memorial Day and will be THE CONNECTION!! We’re keeping all fingers, toes and extremities crossed until then.

As for her respiratory status, they’ve been able to lower her ventilator settings today and there is the possibility she could get extubated before her next surgery. I’m not holding my breath for that one, but it would be nice. The surgeons aren’t as keen on the trach idea and are hopeful it is something she won’t need. We certainly are too! Her edema is slightly improved now that they’ve restarted all her diuretics but she is still looks like my little marshmallow baby and is probably closer to Ava’s weight with all the extra fluid.

I’m ready and anxious to see my 2/3rds again and Wyatt is moving to his own crib now that he’s all over the bed and most mornings we find them almost on top of each other or kicking each other in the head! We’re also anxious to go to Lydia’s nurse Noel’s wedding tomorrow. We’ll try to refrain from getting too excited about our date night out and an open wine bar!


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  1. Joe

    Luck you guys with your open bar and date night. Good luck to Lydia, and as always let us know if you need anything.

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