Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

and back to Bean Town, again.

Another week, another trip back to Bean Town. Summering in Boston is not nearly as appealing as it sounds and as much as I hate to wish away my summer, I am wishing away Lydia’s summer so that all this surgery business will be a distant memory. We want to extend a big thanks to Grandma Pam and Aunt Susie for making the trip out last week to be by Lydia’s bedside as she begins to wake up from all the sedation and morphine. I’m sure she appreciated the stories, songs and head rubs. Hopefully she has a little bit of fuzz still left on her head!

She unfortunately had an unplanned trip to the OR on Saturday to further inspect and clean out the site of her spit fistula where she was having an air leak and a local skin infection. Turns out her upper pouch had not fully sealed and was leaking out some secretions and air causing the local infection. It wasn’t a big surgery and Dr. Jennings doesn’t think we lost any ground, but still it’s never good to get a weekend call saying they want to take her to the OR when I’m several states away. As always, she pulled through like a champ and we’ll spend this week continuing to wean off the ventilator, morphine and versed. I’m very hopeful she’ll be extubated this week and we can get some snuggle time in as it’s been 6 weeks since our last good snuggle session. I’m having withdrawal!

Ava and Wyatt continue to be fat and happy and keep us relatively sane and busy on the home front. They seem to find a new body part each week and delight in showing us their new found skills. After looking somewhat “special” with their constant tongue out trick, Ava’s skill of the week is snorting her nose whenever she needs our attention and Wyatt is finding his toes to be more entertaining by the day. Ava’s pretty good at flipping from tummy to back while Wyatt has only gotten his big head over once by accident. Her prefers turning red and fussing until we flip him over. They keep us entertained and while I’ve been slacking a bit on the picture department, we’ll post some new ones soon.

We also want to send out another thanks to Angel Flight for providing me with this ticket and Clay’s with his next week. It has been such a huge blessing to have friends and family also help us with the extended costs of lodging, travel and missed work. We can’t thank you all enough. Another big thanks to the Grandmas for helping us take care of the 2/3rds, especially as they make another trip to Trenton this week. It truly takes a village with our brood and we’re so thankful to have an extended village all living so close.


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