Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Wednesday updates

Another decent day for Lydia. Unfortunately, she was up most of the night last night so was pretty drowsy during the day today. While I’m pretty pumped she is extubated and only on a nasal cannula, I think she was used to the tube and now having something blasting air into her nose is more annoying so she’s a little more irritable than she was on Monday night. So far, that has been her happiest and most smiley night. She also is off her morphine and they have been turning down her versed so she is having a tiny bit of withdrawal as well.

Tonight I met up with Brent, Kelly and the boys since they’re vacationing in Cape Cod and spending the night in Plymouth. Saw the very exciting Plymouth Rock and a glimpse of the Mayflower II (the replica). Might venture out tomorrow if it stops raining long enough and will then train back to Boston an hour away.


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  1. chris carpenter

    You guys just simply amaze me. I will always hold you guys close in my heart. Your love and dedication to your children is a beautiful and inspiring and I love you both for the gifts you are giving us to understand your thoughts and feelings. I honestly don’t what is best to do so I just keep praying for all of you. It sounds like Lydia is doing well but poor little thing to have to go through withdraw now. I wish her all the best and I hope you can find comfort in the fact there are so many of us out here thinking about and praying for you. Peace and love , chris

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