Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

#10 (but who’s keeping count?)

Lydia went in to the OR again today for #10 today but it was only a quick 2 hour procedure compared to her more tedious half day events. The sutures holding her lower esophagus had come loose so they resutured the lower end back to traction and added some tension to her upper esophagus end. I’m REALLY, REALLY hoping when they go in next Friday they’ll be able to connect her, but they may just sew the ends to her chest wall and give her another 2 week break from the vent and pain/sedation drips. Clay and I are more than ready to end this long marathon and have our girl back in Missouri eating applesauce soon. It’ been such a long journey, but we remain confident we are in the best possible place for her and the surgeons want the best possible outcome with regards to a lifetime of normal eating and swallowing. Not that I’ll ever run a marathon, but I’m sure somewhere after running 20 miles, another 6.2 still seems really, really long. That’s where I feel like I am at the moment. Mile 20. Still a long jog ahead…..


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