Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

back to KC

This evening I head back to KC, MO. This time in first class! I better not get used to that kind of treatment. I may just have to have a cocktail on the way back.

Lydia has had a pretty decent weekend. They’ve weaned her morphine a tad, gone down a bit on her vent settings and she has been waking up more. She’ll open her eyes for awhile but looks like she’s still feeling the effects of the versed and morphine. I’ve been able to hold her all weekend and today and she always ends up pretty relaxed while on my lap.

The good news for the week is that her liver enzymes went up again so she now qualifies for the Omegaven study they are doing here at Boston and will get her fish oil drip started tonight or tomorrow. This is pretty exciting news as we tried really hard to get her on this back in KC and kept running into road blocks. If she’s the first one to read, we’ll have to give credit to her fish oil!

To keep sane, I ventured out a wee bit while in Boston and took a duck tour yesterday. Fortunately no barges got in our way. Also had some famous JP Licks ice cream for lunch (best meal so far). It’s always hard to come and leave Wyatt and Ava, but then hard to leave Lydia too. I’m hoping she doesn’t decide to autumn in New England as well. We can’t wait to get her back to KC but looks like we have to be patient for several more weeks.


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