Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


This week, Dad has been at the bedside with Lydia, as the new strategy is to let her wake up, heal up, and then go at it again.  If it hasn’t been mentioned before, Dr. Jennings has given Lydia the dubious honor of being his most challenging EA case, ever.  After consulting with Dr. Foker, he’s determined that a little rest and strengthening is what her esophagus, and her body, really needs in order to succeed.  He’s not giving up on her, and neither are we.

I arrived on Monday, was excited to have her extubated on Tuesday.  She has a nasal cannula, along with a suction tube in her left nostril.  I wonder what else they can fit in there.  Her breathing is a little erratic, and she has to be suctioned quite often of what seems like gallons of thick phlegm and fluid, but all things considered, the medical team seems pleased with her progress.

Each day, Lydia seems more alert and stronger.  It was disheartening to see her on Monday, as her eyes were dull and had trouble tracking things, and her hands were weak and flailing without purpose.  By today, however, she’s focusing much better, she seems to be reaching out and grabbing toys and hands offered to her, and smiling more readily.

She was fitted for a helmet yesterday, due to the fact that her head shape has become decidedly flat from lying on her back for so long.  We hoped to avoid this treatment, and dreaded the news, but in comarison to her other daunting tasks, a couple months of wearing a little blue butterfly helmet won’t be much of a big deal.

I try not to think about the fact that she’ll go back to the weeks of paralytics and sedation again soon, and just enjoy the time we have to read books, talk, and play with the onslaught of stuffed toys at her bedside.

Dr. Jennings doesn’t anticipate surgery next week, but will likely resume procedures on the following week.  I’m desperately trying to work out someone in the pipeline to give her some constant care and stimulation for the next week as she’s awake and becoming more alert.  I miss Wyatt and Ava (and of course, Amanda) desperately, but I may find myself back here again next week.


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