Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Weekend set back

Lydia had a great week last week and unfortunately only her nurses got to witness it. They sent us pictures of her smiling and doing her oral care with her pink sponge by herself and said she was back to entertaining the unit. Clay was excited to head out to see her on Friday expecting to have some good play time with her. She decided to have other plans. Friday night she spiked a fever of 106 and had to be put on a cooling blanket and back on IV antibiotics. By Sunday AM she was back on the ventilator as she was working to hard to breathe and needed a break. Today she seems to be turning the corner and can hopefully soon get extubated again. Her blood gasses have been stable,  no more fevers and she has remained comfortable during the night. We’re still not sure what has caused her set back. All of her cultures so far have been negative. Her chest xray shows pneumonia but how she got it apparently requires the knowledge of Dr. House. Until this point, Dr. Jennings felt that she was in a good place to go ahead with the next surgery for esophagus growth and we were waiting on Dr. Foker to get his MA license. I’m sure this is going to be another 4-6 week set back before any more surgeries. We hate to rush her into more procedures but we are so anxious to have her back in Missouri and eventually home. Please continue to keep her in your prayers  for her little body to fight off yet another infection. She continues to amaze us with her endurance.


1 Comment

  1. Kristy Wendt

    Sweet Lydia, I’ve taken all of my breaths for granted. You are a super hero.

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