Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

visiting my second home

Well I am back in my other home of Boston this weekend. It’s definitely starting to feel like fall here. Clay was here last weekend and had a good and fortunately uneventful visit with Miss Lyd. I think we’ll really appreciate all being under one roof someday and not traveling! Lydia got extubated Tuesday morning –  the day Clay left. He did get to hold her for awhile without the pesky vent tubing. She is back on the high flow nasal cannula between 6-7 liters. At first it seemed to really annoy her having the air blasting into her nose but she doesn’t seem to mind it as much now. She’s had a few pretty good days but has been staying up late partying with the night nurse and sleeping during the day. She’s been sacked out on my lap most of today, only waking for a quick Skype session with Daddy and the 2/3rds. She’s still on IV antibiotics without a clear cut reason as why she still needs them. She’s also still not growing very well and continues to hover around the 11 pound mark, We’ve been at this weight most of the summer and I’d love to see her get the same lovely, chunky thighs her sister has. They have her on 34 calorie/ounce feeds. Most babies take 20 cal/oz and W&A were on 22 cal.oz when they were in the NICU and needed to fatten up. She’s getting some turbo charged rocket fuel in her tummy and hopefully we’ll start to see it working soon. I don’t think we have anything big planned for the week, so we’ll keep praying she can build up her strength for her upcoming surgery.

Thank you all for sharing in this crazy journey with us and for all the prayers for our little warrior princess.


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  1. Julie Poorman

    Amanda, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. My heart aches for you! Hang in there and please know that Joe and I are praying for you guys (along with our extended families). Please let us know if you ever need anything! Lydia is such a trooper and will prevail eventually. I know the waiting is excruciating.

    Joe and Julie Poorman

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