Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Back to my other life…

You hear about people having 2 lives and different families for years on end and somehow keeping them both separate and private. I am not sure how they do it. It must cause a lot of added stress. I will be so thankful for the day when my life is just a working mom in Missouri. I’m ready to give up my alter ego as the Boston mom of a medically fragile child all the staff know personally. My days in Boston typically consist of sitting in the chair holding Lydia while listening to the beeps and hums of the NICU. Some days are punctuated by different tests or the all too frightening and often blue spell. I’ve been fortunate to meet and form friendships with other moms going throughout similar things with their little ones just sitting at their bedside day in and out and dreaming about the day when they come home. While they continue to wait out the long and stressful days in the hospital, it makes me greatly appreciate my other days of normalcy. I am very blessed to have 2 healthy, happy babies at home to keep me busy and entertained. I also greatly appreciate those few days a month when Clay and I are both home with the kids and have a few moments of family time. Someday that will always be our normal and we will be grateful.

Not a lot of news to report about Lydia. She’s once again stable at the moment. She’s breathing on the hi-flow nasal cannula and they’re able to wean her down small bits at a time. Her Versed should be off tomorrow so hopefully she won’t have any drug withdrawals. She should be having a cardiac cath next week to better asses her heart function and hopefully we’ll soon find out if Dr. Foker has his license and can come out to Boston to help put her esophagus back on traction. Until then we just pray she can continue to improve her lungs and stay infection free until the next surgical plans are made. I’m still hopeful to have her back to Missouri by Christmas, but that may just be optimistic wishing.

Wyatt and Ava have become quite the movers around the household. Wyatt crawls everywhere – even up the stairs when not blocked and pulls up to everything. Ava tries to keep up with her army crawl that looks like a cute little baby zombie. Grandma has been working with her knee crawling but she’s content with her own form of mobility. They both enjoy what ever food touches their mouths and are just perfect little fat and happy babies. It’s a good thing the Grandparents don’t mind sharing them and are still willing to come help us out everyweek. We are blessed with such wonderful family and friend support!


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  1. Bev Whorton

    Amanda & Clay: Want you to know how much I wish the best for you and your family. Your Wyatt & Ava were so much fun to watch at the Soca Jukebox performance in Trenton last week – it’s pretty apparent they love Daddy’s music! You two have such strength – I keep you and all your family in my prayers. I really listened to your “theme” song when Clay sang it – I, frankly, hadn’t paid much attention to the words before but it touched my heart! Hoping with you that you will soon be a “normal” family back in Missouri altogether. Best regards, Bev Whorton

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