Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Boston Family Adventure

People survived the Organ Trail so we thought how hard could it really be to fly 2 babies and Grandma to Boston? Turns out, a tad more difficult than I had planned.  I think I packed enough to travel to California. The 2/3rds did great on the way there with their 2 hour layover in St. Louis until the last hour of the flight. Then bed time hit and we have them trained to fall asleep in their cribs not our laps so it was a rough last hour. I think all the passengers were more than ready to land.

Thursday we had a photo shot done in Lydia’s hospital room. Nothing like dressing and trying to have 3 unhappy babies look pleasant for photos while tending to the suctioning and oxygen needs on one. We finally have a nice family photo – details to come….

Friday was the one week in advance birthday party. We had the world’s ugliest cake ordered from the Stop and Shop near by. Baby bird cake somehow got translated into baseball cake with Happy Birthday Wyatt, Aza $ Lydia. Next year, I’ll be doing the decorating. I’m no cake boss, but pretty sure I could do something a tad nicer. At least we got it for free with a “God Bless You” from the store manager. Ava and Wyatt quickly inhaled their cupcake and Lydia got to lick some green icing off her fingers. Then the pre-nap sugar buzz hit and chaos yet again took over. Not sure how we’ll actually manage triplets without grandma and a nurse right by our side.

Saturday we had a brief play date and then took W&A on their first subway trip to the aquarium. Turns out most of Boston had the same great idea. I think they enjoyed seeing some fish and the city experience.

Today has been pretty chilly so we bundled up the babies and let them hang out at the hospital with Lydia. She has been doing really well this weekend, especially the last couple days. She seems much more alert than when I saw her last and her breathing is much more comfortable. We had a care conference for her on Thursday to try to find out the next surgery plans. They are hoping to stop her antibiotics this week and if she stays infection free for another couple weeks then she’ll go back to surgery with Dr. Foker and Dr. Jennings. They’re not sure if they’ll be putting the ends back on traction to grow them or just move the lower end up and the upper end into her chest and leave them for a little while. While I dread yet another surgery, I know it’s out ticket out of here and we are so anxious to have her home. Dr. Jennings says she should be out of here in less than 6 months or he’ll shoot himself. I may hold him to it….

Tomorrow we head back to Missouri and I already dread the thought of leaving her and not knowing when our family will once again be reunited. Before this trip we had all only been together for 45 minutes in a NICU room at Mercy before Lydia came to Boston. I wish we could all move here to be with her until she can go home but unfortunately it’s just not a practical solution and I don’t think I can talk mom into a new England winter. It has been wonderful and yet hectic and chaotic to all be together for a little while. I don’t think we’ll ever take lazy weekends where we’re all under one roof for granted.

Thanks for all the continued prayers and support during our marathon year. This girl will be eating the whole cupcake next year!


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  1. Bev Whorton

    God Bless All of You! Despite everything, I’m sure it was a wonderful long weekend. Your writings just bring all the details to life – I think both of you should write a book when this is all over (know you will have just gads of spare time) – in fact, you already have. It could be so helpful to other people going through the same thing. You are in my prayers, all of you, including the grandparents! Bev Whorton

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