Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

back on the uphill swing

Lydia has turned back around from her mystery illness. She’s back down to only 1/2 L oxygen and no longer on the hi flow nasal cannula that she hates. Also, glad to finally report she finally hit and surpassed the 13 pound mark this week. At 40 calories an ounce (most babies are on 20, preemies on 24cal) she’s getting a pretty high level of rocket fuel in. One of her docs said it would be about like a guy Clay’s size taking in 14,000 calories a day. Michael Phelps at the height of the Olympics was at least cutting his calories down to 12,000 a day. She obviously did not inherit her mother’s metabolism. I would need a fire crew to cut me out of the house if I took that much. Still no word on rescheduling surgery. We now just have to once again try to coordinate another go of good health, weather, and OR and 2 surgeons from different state scheduling….


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  1. cindy shultz

    she looks absolutely beautiful and so happy. What a precious girl.

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