Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

and 2011 is off to an exciting start…

As Clay and I sat on the couch watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve (yes, we’re those exciting kind of people) we tipped our sparkling juice glasses and toasted to a better year ahead. Little did we know what kind of start 2011 would bring us. Lydia had been recovering pretty well from her 12/23 surgery and we were hoping she might be able to be extubated again on New Year’s Day. Instead,  she spiked a temp of 102 and we got a call from Dr. Jennings that afternoon saying he wanted to take her right to the OR since she had a leak in the lower end of her esophagus.  She ended up getting out around 8pm New Year’s Day and we got another call from Dr. Jennings later that night (usually not a good sign) saying they finally had her blood pressure and O2 sats stabilized. Needless to say, ’11 was off to a rougher start than we had hoped. On a slight bonus, he did end up putting the lower end on external traction sutures so we were able to get a few mm stretching this week. This weekend she is doing much better. She got extubated on Friday and is holding stable on the high flow nasal cannula. We’ve skyped with the nurses twice this week and she looks much better today than she did earlier in the week. She’s much less puffy and was kicking her dancer legs around like crazy and we even got a few online smiles from her. Wyatt and Ava continue to keep us busy as ever. Wyatt is almost a walker taking about 5 steps at times across the room but crawling is still his preferred method of travel. Mine too. Clay will be starting back for another semester at Benedictine this week and so life will slowly return to our version of normal. I’m hoping to make it out to Boston either this weekend or next as I haven’t seen Lydia since the first weekend in December and I’m painfully missing her. Thanks for the continued prayers for our Lydia. We’ll get her home this year.


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