Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

#17 in the bag

We have now officially hit all four seasons of Boston weather. Winter by far is the most unpleasant. There are huge piles of snow and slush everywhere with more fore casted to come in tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll make it back to KC on time as long as I’m not stranded in New Jersey!!

Lydia is back to her room with trip #17 in the bag. Yesterday she tested positive for RSV in her nasal secretions so I was very worried that we would be set back another couple of months. The surgeons, anesthesiologist and intensivist felt she would be safe to go down since she will be on the vent for the next couple of weeks anyway. They put her lower end back on external traction sutures and will be keeping her heavily sedated and paralyzed the next couple of weeks to grow the esophagus as much as possible. The plan is then in the next couple of weeks to go back to the OR and put the upper end on traction. We could possibly be connected by the end of February or early March if things for once finally go smoothly. Only 1 year after our original goal date! We’re getting there, just taking the most scenic route possible.



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