Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Rocky Road (and not the yummy kind)

Lydia has had a pretty rough go since yesterday’s surgery. She was pretty stable all afternoon after getting back from the OR so I decided to venture out with another mom for dinner and a wee bit of shopping. I was planning on just sitting in her room for the evening and watching some AI but she decided she needed more attention. She get dropping her O2 sats and blood pressure and they had to keep giving her medication to keep her bp really high to even have her sats near her more normal range of 75-80. They gave her blood, fluid boluses, started her on Norepi and Nitric Oxide and by 1AM she had started to stable out enough that I was ready to call it a night and get some sleep in the luxurious parent sleep spaces that are not quite as nice as the 1960s dorms I stayed in for 2 years at Mizzou.

My flight out was scheduled for noon today but I got the call from Dr. Jennings as I was waking up that they were moving her to the Cardiac ICU as they thought her problems were cardiac related. They had started to talk about placnig her on ECMO (a heart/lung bypass machine which while life-saving is a drastic measure) or back on the oscillator ventilator that she has not been on since being in KC. Once they brought her upstairs they loaded her with more fluids and blood and tweaked her blood pressure drips and she began to settle out again. She’s not looking too hot this evening but less mottled and purple than  this morning. She’s starting to get pretty puffy and I am sure with holding her lasix and giving her a lot of fluid she will look worse before she looks better. I know she is in the right place with the right team to take care of her. I was extremely impressed as soon as she rolled up the cardiac intensivist layed out her issues and what their plan for treatment would be. They really got her tuned up well and we went from a grim and scary situation this AM to a much more stable evening.

Provided she does okay tonight, I am planning on flying back to KC tomorrow at noon. I’m looking forward to see my other family!

Thanks for the ongoing support, prayers, well wishes and healing energy for our little warrior princess!


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