Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

The Long Winter

We’ve all now survived the Snowpacolypse of 2011. Nothing like some hot soup and quality family time to make me realize I never would have made it in 1800s during a real blizzard. Made me have just a little bit more empathy for Laura Ingalls and that long winter in South Dakota.

Lydia is still holding steady. They’ve made some progress on her esophagus and she’s doing a bit better from a respiratory standpoint. She had a cardiac cath done again today to measure the pressures on the vessels and heart chambers. I’m not sure of exact results yet but it sounds like Dr. Jennings and her cardiologist Dr. Brown are thinking about the next plan and that she may need her first stage cardiac surgery done sooner rather than later. We’re trying to be patient while her team of experts makes their decisions.

Here’s a few winter pics of Wyatt and Ava and Lydia right before her last surgery when I was there last. Wyatt is not too happy about the new level of home security we have. I’ve noticed with every developmental milestone they achieve, my level of home productivity seems to decrease 10%.





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  1. Aunt Beth

    I put the picture of Ava reaching out her little hands with Wyatt by her side on my work desktop. I absolutely smile each time I sit down at my computer. I feel like I can almost touch them!

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