Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Clay’s spring break

A VERY puffy Lydia is resting peacefully for now. They’re trying every possible medication to get fluid off her and stabilized. She is able to wake up for a few moments at a time, then drift back off. The heart surgery from a month ago has created too much blood perfusion to her lungs, which is likely the leading cause of all this excess fluid. I have a meeting scheduled on Monday with the cardiac team, surgery team, nurses, NPs, administrative assistants, cleaning crew, elevator technicians, kitchen staff, and two randomly selected strangers from the street. I hope to get a read on the strategy for the next round of whatever.

It’s a beautiful day in Boston, though, and I may allow myself a fun outing today. It is spring break, after all…



  1. Kathy Veatch

    Father, I just lift up Lydia, Clay, Amanda and their extended family to you as they walk through this valley. I ask you for healing of body and soul for all of them. I ask you for peace in the midst of their storm. Thank you Father for always going before us and showing us the way. Please do that for Clay, Amanda, and all the medical staff who are taking care of Lydia.
    In your Name I ask these things. Amen

  2. Bev Whorton

    It seems you are going through a very stormy period right now. I know God is with you – may you feel His presence and guidance. You all are in my thoughts & prayers. God Bless You. Bev

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