Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Back and better (hopefully)

Cardiac cath completed and Lydia is sleeping peacefully. She tolerated the procedure well and they blocked the pulmonary valve so she only gets blood to her lungs from her shunt. She’s hanging out at 85% sats on 30% Oxygen so she did not turn blue like they thought she might and they do not think she will at this point. It will still be a slow wean from the vent and best case scenario she could be extubated in a couple weeks as it will take her lungs some time to heal and get used to their new blood flow. She’s on fairly high pressure settings and her lungs are pretty fragile so it will take some time for them to get better. Cath trip #4 completed and now more watching and waiting. Hopefully I can convince her new nurses in the CICU that she feels better in mommy’s lap with a dress on.


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