Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Easter pics

Another family outing that I think may have been more successful if we had taken the cats and left Wyatt and Ava at home. I had the fabulous idea of taking them for Easter pics with live bunnies and chicks and found a place in Olathe that a few friends had recommended. Needless to say Wyatt was scared of the chicks, neither one were terribly amused by the bunny and we had 2 crying Clingons as we were pulling out every kids song and trick we new to attempt a few pics of spring time happiness. Got a few of Ava’s attitude look and Wyatt in rare form. Even the Teddy Graham bribe at the end didn’t pull out any big grins. They saved those along with their blowing kisses and enthusiastic bye-bye waves for the moment we walked out the door.

Lydia has made a small amount of progress with vent weaning and diuresis this week. Her team will reevaluate her Monday and we’ll see find out if more watching and waiting or if she’ll need another procedure.



  1. I love the pictures-they are so cute! Wyatt looks like he is doubling up his little fist at the chicks & then Ava has that look of “What have you done!” HA! Great pictures!!

  2. Aunt KayKay

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! Ava didn’t even KNOW to worry until Wyatt cried!!!!!!

  3. Joe Poorman

    They are getting so big!

  4. Debbie Harrington

    Such cute pics!!! Doesn’t look like Wyatt will grow up to be a veterinarian!!! LOL

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