Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I am sitting here in the chair, rocking my sweet Lydia to sleep listening our favorite Pandora Sound of Music Station. She’s had a great morning of playing hard, kicking her dancing legs with balloon and flashing her sweet little snaggle tooth smile. Our wedding song “It’s a Wonderful World” just played. Yes Louie, it is.

All in all, I had a great day. My friend Erin who was visiting a friend in Boston came to meet Lydia and we all had a lovely late lunch and I got in some snuggle and play time with the Divine Miss Lydia this evening.

It’s been a good Boston visit, probably the best in months. Weather wasn’t horrid and Lydia has been the best I’ve seen her in a long time. The decision was made that she is healthy enough to go forward with her esophagus surgery. Dr. Jennings feels like it be grown enough in 2-4 weeks for connection. The big question on the table is the trach – do it now or keep her intubated another 4-6 weeks and see if she can extubate then. I think at this point I’m almost leaning towards doing the trach sooner with the hopes she could recover a little faster from surgery and be able to wake up and play more without having the CPAP mask on her face. So probably another surgery in the next week or two. I hate to send her back to the OR but it’s what we need to do to get this girl home.

Lydia is also excited to report her Missouri boyfriend Camden will be coming to Boston likely this week. He’s also had a nightmare time with his esophagus and in the hopes of giving him a healthy esophagus, Dr. Jennings will be getting to meet Camden well too (although hopefully not the long term relationship he has established with Lydia). We hope to both come back to KC with kids who can actually eat ice-cream. (Just a few bites of anything will seem like a miracle for both our EA kiddos!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there! For my mother and all the animal loving mothers, enjoy this clip of baby animals and their mothers. Warning: may be so sweet you need a shot of insulin.


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