Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.


Tomorrow is another big day for the Divine Miss Lydia. OR trip #19 tomorrow for another take at growing her esophagus. Prayer balloon was sent on Sunday. Maybe I’ll try sending the Bat Signal to reach the Big Guy. Praying for a successful month ahead and actually getting her back to KC this summer. I am bummed her surgery wasn’t scheduled until today so I am back in KC and could’ve planned my trip to stay longer. While it’s nice to be back with my 2 crazy little toddlers, I already miss my Lyd especially knowing she’ll be deeply sedated and paralyzed for most of the next month. I know this is what we came to Boston to do and getting connected is our ticket back to KC so while I’m glad we are moving forward, I hate the thought of knocking her down again just when she was starting to get her groove back.


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