Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Wyatt’s Best Buddy

As poor Wyatt rarely gets a moment to shine in the blog world only having a minor peanut allergy, some runny noses and the occasional bumps to his slightly large and flattened head, I thought I’d dedicate tonight’s post to him and his best buddy Bobo. Bobo is Wyatt’s monkey lovey that was given to his before birth by his Aunt Holly. In a clever parenting attempt to teach him to self soothe at an early age so I could get more sleep, I made Bobo snuggle into Wyatt’s arms before he could even hold anything. Fortunately it worked and I got some pretty good sleep. No waking up in the middle of the night to replug his binky back in. Now I have created a little monkey loving monster as Wyatt and Bobo have become inseparable at all moments. He carries the foul little monkey around in his mouth and Bobo backs up as a napkin and handkerchief daily. The monkey used to get weekly baths but now we’re having to up his bathing to twice a week and even then his little monkey body oder is so bad I practically need tongs to throw him into the washer and have to do it when Wyatt is asleep or distracted. I made the unfortunate mistake of Wyatt witnessing Bobo going into the dryer which lead to a good 20 minute cry fest. Ava has become quite the monkey enabler as she makes sure her brother has Bobo at every moment. She toddles in and drops him into the tub so he can have him, flings it to his high chair so he can get whatever food he is eating on him and is always picking him up handing him to Wyatt whenever he is dropped. Ava has her ElliePhant, Pink Bunny and Lavender Bear but is a bit more willing to share the love with all her buddies even though she prefers her pink friends the most. Not Wyatt. I have been on the lookout for a secret Bobo replacement as I’m not sure Bobo will survive this year with his hard partying lifestyle. At Target I held up a monkey lovely with blue and brown layer underneath. Wyatt shook his head no and shoved stinky Bobo further in his mouth. Struck out at Gordman’s and Babies R Us too. Thought I’d really found the best alternative at Kohl’s as I found the Carter’s newer monkey lovey. Wyatt insists all animals say “moo” so surely he couldn’t notice that this monkey lovey said “mommy thinks I’m awesome” instead of “I’m Bananas” plus I don’t think he’s reading all that well yet anyway. I pulled B2 out of my purse and gave him to Wyatt. He gave one disgusted look and threw him on the floor. Ava picked him up and handed it to him and he gave her the turn around talk to the hand wave of dismissal as he immediately knew this Bobo was clearly an impostor. He found his worn and tattered Bobo, said “boo” which is what he calls him and shoved the stinky thing back into his mouth. I’m thinking of writing a complaint letter to Carter’s for changing their monkey line.

The typical Wyatt chewing on Bobo pose.

Bedtime Buddies

Bobo, B2. Really not that different. A kid who doesn’t realize when he’s naked or has a dirty diaper can tell a monkey has a slightly different smile?



  1. Beth

    Have to tried Ebay? I have found the most obscure things for Chloe on Ebay. The monkey is total worth your sleep!

  2. Aunt KayKay

    I think what I like best about your blog (other than my ongoing fascination about how you find time to do it) is that it will be the BEST way for your children to love and appreciate your strength and humor as a person and as a parent when they are older. Love you!

    xoxo– K.

  3. Celicia Hiatt

    Here I come to the rescue. So I too attempted this lovey game with Elijah, but he never took to it. It seems my friend that great minds think alike because I purchased the same monkey, he is lovingly known as Snuggly Jeff in our house. Elijah could give a rat about Snuggly Jeff and prefers the passie. You are welcome to Snuggly Jeff because he just sits in a far corner of Elijah crib untouched and unloved. No lovey deserves to live this way.

  4. Aunt Beth

    I laughed so hard on this one. I am printing and sending to Grandma Anderson in Trenton. You are an excellent author and I did not feel the instructor’s need to make any corrections. I can just see Ava flinging his monkey to him!

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