Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

May update

Lydia’s esophagus is so close I can almost feel the sweet taste of victory, but like anything else, it can’t just be all smooth sailing. Our last estimated gap length over the weekend was down to 8mm (from the beginning of 64mm). Of course the 2-4 weeks of growth is now almost 4 weeks and the esophagram they did today shows it looks like the upper pouch is tearing from the traction sutures and the gap is about 20mm. So Friday she goes back to the OR for possibly a connection but more likely replacing it back on traction. They won’t know until they go in there. And then it’s only a possible fundo, some dilations, maybe a trach, palate repair and maybe we can come home before going back for stage 1 open heart surgery. sigh. I’m on the same timeline as last summer (maybe by Labor Day…) Fortunately, she continues to be very stable from a cardiac and respiratory standpoint.

Also bummed to report our favorite baby-sitter Eileen will be moving to Chicago the end of the summer. Anyone interested in hanging out with some active toddlers on Tuesdays? Free internet access and other grand perks! We have moved from #85 to #23 on the children’s mercy day care list so we might actually get in before they start Kindergarten. At least I have a few months to figure out a new game plan.


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