Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

#20 started and stopped

I called the nurse for my daily morning call and she informed me Lydia would be going to the OR in the afternoon. After waiting all day Lydia finally went down at 5pm EST. She had been having trouble with her breathing tube which is still in her nostril due to an air leak and not always getting the best ventilation. The plan was to reintubate her with a bigger tube in the other nostril prior to starting the surgery. Unfortunately, they were not able to visualize her vocal cords to pass the new tube down and when they did they said her oxygen saturations went too low and took too long to recover so the anesthesiologist didn’t feel comfortable with her being difficult to ventilate to proceed with surgery. She’s back in her room in the CICU with a new art line and IV and the nurse reported doing okay. We’re not sure yet what the next plan is. She may possibly be going to the OR in the AM with the ENT docs to try to reintubate and hopefully proceed with the surgery. I’m anxious to get this next procedure done as her esophagus is on a stand still again at the moment since they’re concerned any more traction would cause the clips to completely tear through. We’ll see if tomorrow is a better day. We almost had a record set of going a whole month without a post surgery complication but alas I think we were starting to brag too soon.


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