Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

#20, Take 2

I think most of the weekend Lydia’s docs were holding a flower and picking off the petals to decide the timing of her next OR trip. to the OR…to the OR not….to the OR….

After Thursday’s unfortunate end of the day cancellation, Friday she went down accompanied by anesthesia and ORL (otolaryngology or ENT as us Mid-westerners prefer) to change out her ETT. They had to use a special thin fiber optic scope but were able to change her breathing tube without any trouble. We thought maybe Friday she’d be having surgery but it became too late in the day. Saturday we got a wake up call from Dr. Jennings that Lydia would be going to the OR then as her sutures had torn apart from her upper and lower esophagus. Anesthesia called and we gave consent yet again. (I really think I just need to leave a giant consent form on her chart that just says “Fix Lydia”) Then we got another call that due to an emergent surgery that would take all morning there wasn’t enough staff on Saturday and Lydia would need to wait until Monday.

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 will be OR trip #20. I believe we’ve lost some length the past few days since the sutures tore, but the doctors don’t believe it will be too much. They won’t know until they go in. While I always hope for the possibility of a connection, the likelihood is pretty low tomorrow as they want the ends to overlap so there won’t be any tension on the esophagus when they do the anastamosis (fancy term for connection). The less tension, the better chance for a nice functioning healthy esophagus without any strictures.

Thanks for the prayers and support for yet another trip to the OR. We’re starting to get closer to the end of this marathon.


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