Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Plan S for stinky

We’re still digging out information and formulating a day to day plan of action. The fact is, Lydia’s window for completing her esophagus is rapidly closing. Her gap is 27mm and shrinking at only 1-2mm a day. Meanwhile, her lungs are forecasting trouble from being under heavy sedation and vent for so long and likely won’t be able to tolerate any more big surgeries until they recover. Any “plan B” is at least 6 months away and involves either another long stretch at being in a paralyzed coma or a 16+ hour surgery. There is a distinct possibility that we may be coming home in worse shape than we were in when we got here over a year ago. I feel like this has been our Vietnam and we are sadly trying to wrap up the long and exhausting tour without the thrill of victory. Not all hope for a connection is gone but we are trying to digest the very real prospect that we won’t have it accomplished this year either.


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  1. Valerie Thomson

    Hang in there Amanda and Clay. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be, as there are so many variables to consider in her treatment. The gap IS closing – at 1-2 mm a day it could be down to 20 within a week! Praying for Lydia and you all that you can get the anastomosis and get her back to KC.

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