Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

#22- return of the spit fistula

Kind of sad my blog posts are titled by surgery numbers. I think I would’ve lost count by now otherwise. We got a call this AM that Lydia was showing signs of an infection with her lab numbers increasing despite numerous antibiotics. She went down first thing for an esophogram which showed a leak in her upper pouch. The doctors who weren’t on vacation and still at CHB called Dr. Foker and Jennings and it was determined the only thing to do at this point for her overall cardiorespiratory health was to go back to the OR and replace the spit fistula. She’s now back in her room stable and doing well. The cervical esophagostomy (no it still doesn’t sound any better with the fancier name) is at least on her chest in stead of neck so hopefully care will be slightly easier than before. The lower end is tacked down into place and will be left alone until Plan B (actually Plan S at this point) is done. I think we will likely wait quite awhile and just focus on getting her home and healthier. Hopefully we can get her trach soon and start the process of getting her back to Kansas City. I am kind of relieved that it is done and the decision was made for me to replace the spit fistula. Thanks for the continued prayers and support during our crazy Boston year.


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