Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

planning the exit strategy…

After yet another pow wow full all of Lydia’s team members which include a great majority of CHB staff, her exit strategy is in place. Dr. Jennings is signing off of us for now and I agree we need to go on a break. We’ll be back someday with yet a new plan, but that’s not the main priority for the moment. The fact is, she can remain very survivable with the spit fistula and feeding tube, it’s just not a highly desirable plan forever and we still hold the dream of her actually eating someday. In the mean time, we are just focusing on getting her well and home and healthy. The only thing left now to do in Boston is get her trach which will hopefully happen next week and then continue the long process of lung, body and drug rehab which we plan to finish up at Children’s Mercy hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks. As any time line I have planned has been blown out of the water, I’m not holding it as definite, but the CICU attending seems to think that is very possible.

She’s had a decent week so far. She got to meet Boston’s famous Red Sox reporter Heidi Watney.
Yep, I never heard of her either but she is apparently the dream girl of thousands of Sox fans across the area and I’m sure our hanging out would have made many people pretty jealous. We talked baseball for all about 3 seconds as that is just as about as far as my knowledge base goes. Turns out the Royals aren’t in last place after all. Who knew? and she too was a fan of Kauffman Stadium. I’d post the picture of a sleepy Lydia, a tired looking self and very attractive blonde celebrity I don’t know but 1. I don’t have a scanner 2. wouldn’t know how to scan it in if I did and 3. it’s one of those pics that’s just not a great self esteem builder. I think Clay would have better appreciated the visit. Let me know when Matt Damon is in town.

The rest of the week has been fairly anti-climatic with the exception of my classic locking self out of room in pjs sans glasses and phone. At least it wasn’t terribly early in the AM and didn’t take too long to get back in. Lydia’s had some off and on again fevers but remains on every class of antibiotic so they don’t seem terribly concerned. She’s waking up and moving around more but still looks like she’s recovering from a rough hangover. We’ve had some good chair and snuggle time which always seems to help her relax. She still has quite the long road of rehab to get her home, but we are at least getting closer and it’s nice to hear the word mentioned.

Okay here’s the picture of our celebrity guest. CHB posted it to their Facebook site so I was able to get a better copy afterall. Unfortunately Lydia soiled her cute matching bloomers so you’ll have to excuse the diaper shot.


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