Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

#23 – the trach

Lydia is off to the OR yet again and hopefully this will be her last journey there for a little while. She’s finally getting her tracheostomy after being on the ventilator for all but 1 week in January. There are several pros and cons to this but I am excited after months to be able to see her cute little face again without any tape on it at all. All the trach mums I’ve talked to say they’ve always been very relieved after their kiddo has gotten the trach. I’ve dreaded the thought of it for so long, but it will help get her back to KC and get her home. It will complicate our lives just a smidge, add just a little bit more gear to our overflowing house but will be yet one more Johnston Family adventure we’ll have to figure out how to wing. Just for interest, here are a few famous people who’ve had trachs.

I particularly like the note about JFK indeed being a trach supporter. Granted the trach was lodged into his bleeding gunshot wound in his neck after he was already dead, but at least Lydia will join the stylish ranks of President Kennedy. Maybe at least there’s still a chance for her to be a husky alto singer like Catherine Zeta Jones who also sported one during her younger years. I’ll have to start figuring out ways to bedazzle some trach ties.

Today Lydia will also be getting a Broviac line which is a long term IV catheter placed in her chest. She has had her PICC line in her arm since December (after many previous PICC lines and attempts) and it no longer draws blood so she’s back to being a little pin cushion. Next on her list of fashion accessories is another helmet to help once again attempt rounding out her ridiculously flat head. She can wear the trach, G-tube, Broviac line, and eye patch, but I draw the line at a needed Bump-It (ala Snooki style) to hide her flat spot. Lydia now joins a very elite club of most complicated EA children ever with a trach and a spit fistula. Someday she’ll have to meet Elena and Ireland, her kindred spirits in the EA world.


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