Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Clay and I will be heading to Boston for the first time together since we first arrived last April bright and early in the morning. I spoke with one of the ICU fellows this afternoon who stated “she seems to have at least backed away from the edge of the cliff” She certainly is not out of the woods and remains at a very critical point but at least for the moment is not deescalating and is maintaining her saturations. They have been able to stop the norepi and wean down the dopamine. She will be going tomorrow for another cardiac cath to get pressure measurements and determine if she has an adequate amount of blood flow to her lungs and do any interventions to her shunt if needed. It appears on xray she may have a pneumonia but they want to know if this is a cardiac issue and if there is any intervention that can help her. Her nurse who was rather choked up this morning when talking to us felt she was much more stable by the end of her shift and they had her captured in a decent spot. We’ll hopefully have better news to report tomorrow.


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