Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Sunday update

I’ll be heading back to KC later this evening as Lydia remains stable and Clay will stay with her this week. They have her on a slow and tedious wean of decreasing medications and vent settings. So far she has been off all the IV blood pressure meds since last night and is doing well. Her nitric oxide is down from 40% to 5% and will hopefully be off by tonight. This week the goal is to let her come off the paralytics, decrease some vent settings, get a Broviac line (for IV meds and blood draws) and test out the vent the she would transport on. If she does well, she could be coming back to the PICU in KC as early as next week. She’ll likely still have a fairly long recovery there but it will be nice to have her in the same city where we can all be with her on a daily basis. Thanks for the continued prayers for our little warrior princess.



  1. Thinking of all of you and praying always. Fingers and toes crossed Lydia continues to improve so you can all be closer together.

  2. Aunt KayKay

    She is our warrior princess!!!! Can’t wait to get her back here and in our arms!

  3. Peggy Ransom

    The journey your family has been for all these months is, indeed a humbling one for the rest of us. I pray that the Lord brings you all together again and that little Lydia improves each day…..allowing her to safely make the trip back to KC.
    Peggy Ransom

  4. Aunt Beth

    When Lydia gets home, I know that Wyatt and Ava are probably just the medicine she needs. You are also warriors for your very special little family.
    Aunt Beth

  5. Debbie Harrington

    Lydia has been a fighter since the get go and she’ll get even tougher when she gets to see her bubby and sissy more often. Wyatt and Ava will be her inspiration to get out of that old hospital and come home to play! I’ll be thinking about her and praying that her journey home is an easy one. :*)

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