Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

2 steps forward and 1 giant leap back

Lydia was having a fairly decent week until today. She had been off the paralytic, blood pressure meds and nitric oxide and was holding her sats in her normal range. Yesterday she went back to the OR for a quick mini trip to get her Broviac line placed so she will have a line that they can draw blood from. Today she tried again to give Clay and I heart attacks from across the country as her sats dropped and they had to put her back on nitric oxide, norepinephrine, paralyze her and then end up putting her back on the oscillator ventilator that sounds like a jackhammer. I forgot how much I hated the sound of that thing. She’s back on every antibiotic after being off them for about 5 days and finally they are listening to our suggestion to consult infectious disease and see if there is an underlying infection like I have suspected for the past few weeks. She’s at least at a stable point this evening and not worsening but this is not the direction we want to be taking to get her back to Missouri. Obviously her trip home will not be in the next week or two and will be postponed until she’s stable enough to take the medical flight back to Children’s Mercy. Clay is still with her and may possibly come home for a few days next week. We long to all just be in the same city (or time zone). Someday perhaps she can be moved off the urgent prayer list to just some maintenance ones, but we continue to ask for your prayers for her healing and for our family. Also please pray for her buddy Camden who is very, very close to getting his esophagus connected (hopefully Tuesday) and has been paralyzed the past 8 weeks.


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