Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

back to Beantown

Another weekend back in Boston and the song by Cee Lo Green “Forget You” keeps playing in my head. Actually the original version is what’s playing but I’ll keep my posts PG rated. It seems to adequately sum up my feelings of Boston. I hate to jinx anything by starting to lament about this being my last weekend here for a long time, but …the plan is to soon be flying back with Lydia. I’m not going to announce any dates as Lydia tends to hear dates and change her mind. I’m afraid she’s a bit of a commitment-phobe so we’ll tell her when the Children’s Mercy Flight crew is at her door. At the airport yesterday, my chinese fortune said “A GREAT DAY LIES AHEAD IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE” I’m holding you to this Panda Express.

One day into another Boston trip and the city already seems to have it against me. I think it wants to ship us back to KC as much as we want to be shipped there. Today started off with a fun filled fire alarm in the House on Autumn and getting to stand outside in my pjs for a bit. I guess that’ll teach me not to sleep in too late around here. Then Lydia and I had some snuggle time on the chair until she decided to poop on me. Can’t blame her too much for that one as all the antibiotics play havoc on the GI system. Then this afternoon I decided to partake on a Boston adventure and hit the Free Friday activity of a free ferry ride to Boston Harbor Islands where I had grand plans of wading in the ocean and going for a hike. Figured might as well cross off a few things on the Boston bucket list. I made my way to the harbor to find out a good majority of Boston had the same idea I had. I waited in the stand by line for well over an hour and then finally got on the ferry to head to one of the islands. The moment we pulled out, clouds poured out over the city and our ferry turned back around. I waited out the pouring rain, thunder and lightening on the boat to then have them announce that there would be no more ferries to the islands that day. So that adventure was one big epic failure, kind of like the summary of our entire 15 months in Boston. sigh. Finished the evening with some Tasty Burger (very tasty indeed) but I really need to stop my Boston mentality of having a milkshake or tasty treat every time Boston throws me a curve ball.

On the Lydia update side, she remains pretty stable and is making very tiny improvements. She’s pretty sleepy most of the time and only will have brief wake up spells. When she is awake, she’s pretty loopy and can’t seem to focus on anything for very long but will occasionally flash a big snaggletooth grin. She’s staying stable on her vent settings and they’re not trying to wean too much on her so she’ll be safe flying back and then let KC do more of the weaning. We’re so looking forward to having us all in the same city and starting a new routine of Wyatt and Ava being with their sister and seeing her every day. I don’t think it will seem real until we actually land on Missouri soil. One of her nurses gave her some ruby red slippers so she can make it back to Kansas. Bostonians still don’t get that Kansas City is in Missouri too. If only she had known she only had to click her heels 3 times to get out of here….


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