Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

important poll

So far so good this weekend with Lydia being well behaved. She tolerated a day on the vent that would be used for transportation. Now comes a really important decision that I’m asking for votes on this very serious matter. This is one that can’t be taken lightly.

Which outfit should Lydia go home in?

1. Guitar tutu

2. Ralp Lauren blue floral number

3. New England Crab outfit (with ruby red slippers to accessorize)

4. Navy blue floral number

5. Or my pink camo “One Tough Cookie” onesie

Lastly here’s a pic from our playtime today. Keep in mind when voting that eyes are a tad crossed from heavy drugs, head still rather flattened and a tad on the puffy side but no longer any pesky tape to detract from facial beauty and which ensemble best says I’m coming home.

Voting will cease on Monday at 12:00pm EST.



  1. keela

    i vote crab. it is festive and the ruby slippers might make her get home faster. 😀

  2. Rebekah

    I also vote for the crab outfit. She will be representing Boston with the crab outfit and her home with the ruby red slippers!!

  3. laura routh

    I, too, like the crab. Claire has the same outfit, and wore it on our trip to Chicago. I must say, it travels well 🙂

  4. Margo

    Me three on the crab outfit! It looks comfy enough for travel and is perfect for the Boston to KC trip with both areas represented.

  5. Teresa

    I vote for the navy blue floral. We can think of it like a ray of sunshine that has brought before us true “beauty”. The beauty of God’s creation..not only in the flowers but your precious doll, Lydia! I’m so happy for you and your family Amanda. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing continued updates on all of your “little-ones”.

  6. Susan Moffitt

    I vote for the crab outfit. Just look at that cure hiney!! How can you not.

  7. What an impossible decision! You certainly can’t go wrong with the crab/ruby slippers ensemble, but just to be different I’m going to say the guitar tutu. I just can’t resist an adorable little one in a tutu! Can’t wait for your family to be finally be (almost) together. Lots of love & prayers!

  8. Lolo

    Uh oh…I was going to go for one tough cookie! But I think you can’t go wrong. 🙂

  9. Betty Wimer

    Got to go with the crab. They are tough, don’t often walk straight but can give lots of pleasure. No one messes with the crab.

  10. Ooooooh, gotta be the New England crab one with ruby red slippers!!!!

  11. Aunt Brenda

    Well I was going to say the pink polka dot outfit because she “looks pretty in pink”, however after reading the other comments, I now vote for the crab outfit as is does represent Boston and the red slippers which for Ks. Without the Drs. from both places and prayers with our Lord, she is now almost 2 yrs old!

  12. Grandma Wenda

    I vote for any outfit that needs the ruby slippers. She can click them like Dorothy did to get back home to Kansas.

  13. Bobbi

    Okay, am I allowed to change my mind? . . . I NOW vote for the Crab Outfit as well . . . The RUBY RED SLIPPERS are a MUST, no matter which outfit they are paired with 😉 God Speed . . . . Bobbi

  14. Denis'

    I don’t care if she comes home stark naked. I will be so thrilled to hear that she is once again in her home state close to her family. It’s nice that you are contemplating this difficult choice, though. After all, a girl’s got to think about how she looks 🙂

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