Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Fare thee well Boston.

The bagels are bought for the staff, the walls are stripped of pictures and decorations, bags are packed, my KC Royals shirt is on and Lydia’s outfit polls are in. Today is the day we actually fly out of Boston. It’s the not the ticker tape celebration with her chugging milk out of a sippy cup with the same gusto as Ava as I had dreamed about, but it’s a celebration none the less. After 15 months of separation, tears, infections, complications to boot and little to celebrate at times, today we celebrate that we will all be in the same city once again. Just as you might take your dead last place, zero winning little leaguers out for a pizza party to lament their good swings and keen observations of bugs in the field, we rejoice in the fact that Lydia has improved dramatically from her critical and near death status earlier in the month and is safe enough to go home. I sadly haven’t been able to convince any of her nurses or doctors to officially move to Kansas City and we wish we could take them all with us as I feel like telling each one, “I’ll miss you most of all …” This will be Lydia’s 5th ICU she will reside in (not a record anyone particularly desires) and we will have to once again learn to love and then leave a new set of nurses and medical staff. So many have really become dear friends and family members to us that it’s impossible to adequately ever say thank you enough. Bagels, coffee and cream cheese don’t quite cut it.

For those curious about the outfit polls, the new navy blue fish dress from one of her favorite nurses, Ashley with ruby red slippers was the overall winner. I apologize it only appeared on facebook and outside her room for voting but I have limited or restricted blog time for whatever reason. The crab suit came in as a very close second but her nurse and I decided it seemed to say “Boston gave me crabs” She currently is wearing her pink camo “one tough cookie” as her preflight lounge attire and will get more spiffied up for the actual flight.

KC crew were supposed to be here at 12:00EST but had a late start so I have a feeling it may 12:00PST once we finally leave. We’re very anxious to get our flight out of Saigon, I mean Boston, and all be back in God’s Own Time Zone.



  1. Bev Whorton

    Wonderful news – have a safe flight & God Bless Lydia and her family!

  2. I am so excited for all of you Amanda & Clay! I know this is the day you have long awaited for! May God give you peace as you bring your precious Lydia back to KC & the strength to handle what ever lies ahead of you. You will be in my thoughts & prayers & I will be anxious to see all 3 of the kids sometime in Trenton. Psalm 91 is a great comfort to me & I hope it will speak to you as you read it. Take care & happy flying!!:)

  3. Amy Thiemann

    What a glorious day for your entire family!! So happy you will have her close to everyone. Enjoy your new beginnings and good luck to you all. I tell your story from time to time and everyone is always so amazed at how you guys held up and made it through so far, you and Clay are truly amazing people and I admire you both so much. Here’s to you guys and Lydia!!

  4. Marjie

    Tears of joy! What a month! I am so happy for you to be bringing Miss Lydia home! Hope to get to see her soon!

  5. So happy for you! The prayers will keep coming your way. I know you all will enjoy having her close by.

  6. Carol Thomas

    What wonderful news that Lydia is once more going to be a Missouri resident! I think you all made the right decision with the dress and ruby red slippers. Dorothy would have been proud of the slippers. Good luck in the days ahead. Ava and Wyatt will be able to actually see Lydia now. God bless all five of you!

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