Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

10 years

Has it really been 10 years since the greatest American tragedy of my life? Nothing too exciting about my whereabouts or my day the event unfolded, but I will always remember that morning and the exact color of the bright blue perfect September sky with 2 fluffy white clouds passing by. I stared at the sky over Columbia and wondered what would unfold in the years ahead for our nation. I was working nights as a PICU nurse and taking Physics and Organic Chemistry during the day. Now I am still hanging out in the PICU, but not for any hourly wages. I think then I was somewhere in the midst of a resolving quarter life crisis and figuring out the what, where, when and how of the next few months and years of my life. Has it been over a decade since the days of sitting with someone in the airport waiting for your flight together and giving one last hug just before you boarded was possible? Before you had to half strip and go barefoot to get through security. Back when one could fly with their “liquid” nut butter and not hold up the security line as 3 TSA officers carefully exam your breast pump. Side note: I still am really, really happy to not be planning any flights in the near future and for us all to be in KC.

As this anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone, I am reminded again of the real fragility of life and to savor and enjoy each day you have here. Lydia has had an overall good week with slow and steady improvements and more play time. She did have a rough Friday and Sunday when too drastic changes were made to her vent settings and then yesterday when they decided to just stop her Versed drip. She had a rough 24 hours dealing with withdrawal symptoms even after they restarted it at 5AM today. She now has some signs reminding her docs to wean S-L-O-W-L-Y. The girl likes her drugs and I’m sure even if she had Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab, he’d agree to very slow weans. We try to take Wyatt and Ava on the weekends and maybe 1 day during the week to see her. They enjoy all the toys in her room and Mercy has a great park for them to burn their never ending energy. Wyatt had the realization on one visit he had 2 sissies and kept saying Sissy 1, Sissy 2, 2 Sissies! Although, he was far more excited to find out he had 2 BoBo’s as my attempts to keep one clean and well hidden were foiled.

We thoroughly enjoyed Clay’s cousin Jacob’s wedding this weekend and Wyatt busted quite a move on the dance floor to Ice Ice Baby. Ava saved her best dancing for Respect. Here’s the one pic of us all somewhat clean before Ava rolled on the ground grinding as much dirt as possible into her party dress. I really should have stuck with the cameo themed wedding and found some for them.


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