Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Favorite time of the year

Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday month or maybe the cool fresh days where going outside is refreshing and pleasurable, but September is my favorite month and early fall is my favorite time of year. The kids love being outside and we love being out as much as possible too. Here’s some pics and updates from the past couple weeks.

Lydia has now been in KC for a month. It seems like so much longer actually. I love seeing her daily and being able to visit with the kids and coordinating her and Ava’s outfit for the day, but I still miss her deeply. She’s becoming more alert as the weeks go on, but she’s still heavily sedated on Versed and Dexmetatomadine through her IV, a Clonidine patch, and levels of Ativan and Methadone through her feeding tube that even Amy Winehouse wouldn’t have dared touch. She has successfully kicked her IV morphine habit without much withdrawal symptoms and is continuing her path to sobriety. I of course worry if and how much permanent brain damage she could have, but all we can do is continue to wean and work on getting her stronger. She has been pretty stable as far as her heart and lungs at the moment and so we continue the slow and steady path of getting her home and back to her smiling playful self.

Last weekend was the Riverside Riverfest. I braved the drizzly cool weather and took the kids to see their favorite band even though I’m not sure they could see Clay singing from the shelter. After the event, there was a children’s beauty pageant which in the last minute spirit of never say never, I entered the kids. Here was Wyatt in his too short but cute guitar one piece suit and Ava in her denim jumper and stylish baby legs in their first ever pageant. Sadly Wyatt lost out to the handsome little dapper in the tux, but Ava actually beat out the cute little girls in their giant flower headbands and tutus to take home the trophy for her age group. I believe her ego has actually grown this week as her “No’s!” have all the emphasis of someone who thinks they are highly important (or just almost 2). She proudly says “trophy” and demonstrates blowing of kisses when asked how she won. I might as well start spray tanning her, get a hair weave, fake teeth and eyelashes and take out a second mortgage to pay for ridiculous pageant outfits and get ready for some Toddlers and Tiaras to see if she can match up with the other pint size diva monsters.

The winning attire – pre pageant. Please ignore the steak knife on the counter.

This weekend, my friend Holly and I took the kids to Carolyn’s Country Cousins pumpkin patch. It was a great day for hayrides, train rides and petting farm animals. Clay and I then fully wore them out with a post nap afternoon of neglected yard work. Here’s to yet another attempt of having a yard of green grass next spring. Yeah fall!

Besides the healthy lunch of kettle corn and pumpkin donuts, their favorite part was the display full of old beat up pots and pans to bang.


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