Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

the joy of technology

So voice automated systems are actually a huge annoyance for me. I absolutely hate the voice recognition system and rarely do they actually recognize my message and decipher it correctly. Clay’s phone has a nifty little voicemail to text service that is a good source of entertainment. This is the message we received from Lydia’s nurse the first weekend she was in KC (not her best weekend either) We didn’t have cell phone service in Trenton so this is the message we got. In italics it what her nurse actually said in her voicemail.

“Clay this is Sarah chilled Mercy from Children’s Mercy just give me giving you a call back. I’m taking care idiot of Lydia today, she’s looking a lot better right now so I just want to call and give you an update. They did the echo cardiogram that {should that she had some logo is essential Shawn} showed some flow going through her central shunt. Position The physician decided to put in an art Tyrell arterial line because we’re having some the access prime problems since her pic wasn’t working very well and and we have all of her blood pressure all the important medicine going to bro B ack Broviac so her blood pressure is all those look really good right now so I’m guessing the probably go down on those tonight. So she has a new ID in her butt IV in her foot”

The rest actually translated pretty correctly but we enjoyed giving Lydia’s weekend nurse a hard time about calling her idiot. Medical terminology doesn’t exactly translate the best either.


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