Three Little Birds

Story of 3 little birds and one who soared above us all.

Happy October!

Another beautiful fall weekend and we spent it to the fullest. Saturday was family day at Benedictine in Atchison so the kids wore their red and black, enjoyed the  campus, meet with Rocky the Raven and watched a nice blow-out football game. Not sure if we have future Ravens on our hands or not, but whoever gives the best triplet scholarships, we’ll be proud parents sporting the parent gear even if it’s not Tiger black and gold.

We spent both evenings with Lydia and this is the best attempt we could get at getting 3 kids in matching skeleton jammies into a single shot. Typically if we can get Lydia somewhat pink with focused eyes, Wyatt and Ava just become a blur. I need a faster camera! We did capture a rare smile from Lydia as she is starting to become more sociable and take notice of her environment as her drugs are being weaned. She has now successfully kicked her Versed habit and only has a few days of Precedex to go then our girl is IV drug free and actually won’t have anything going in her Broviac for the first time in a long, long time. She’s still a bit on the puffy side but hopefully once she’s moving around more she’ll continue to get more fluid off of her. My excitement for today as I braved taking Wyatt and Ava into the PICU by myself was doing her first trach change only in an oh, s***, it came out and she’s turning blue quick change moment.

Our Miss Riverside Tot diva might just be letting the fame get to her head as I have caught her more than once sleeping with her trophy. I keep thinking it’s out of reach but somehow it ends up in her bed.


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